TouchPad zooming only works in those applications that already have zoom functions, such as a photo browser or word processor. Enable reverse scrolling direction – Changes the direction of scrolling. I have tried a lot of things to fix the issue but none of the solution is permanent. Or maybe it’s not sensitive enough, making you repeat yourself. Windows Mac iPhone Android. Or actually, It seems I’m not able to download new drivers or software. Scrolling speed – Adjusts the speed of scrolling.

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Europe, Middle East, Africa. Depending on your hardware and version of Windows 10, and some graphics and information in this document might vary slightly.

Gestures on Dell Touchpad

When enabled, EdgeMotion simplifies long-distance pointer motions. Next, let’s get your touchpad gestures in order.

Return the computer to a software configuration when the TouchPad was working by restoring the system to a time when the touchpad was working correctly. If the checkbox next to Clicking does not contain a check mark, click the checkbox until a check mark displays to enable clicking.

To scroll a touchoad, a screen, or a list, place two fingers on the TouchPad, then swipe them from side to side or up and down. Click to highlight Three-Finger Flick. Click the Settings icon to adjust scrolling settings.


To zoom-in or -out while working in a window, place two fingers on the TouchPad and move them outward to zoom-in and inward to zoom-out.

Troubleshooting when TouchPad does not work There are several options for troubleshooting your TouchPad when it is not working.

Looking forward to hearing more from MS! You can also tap and drag an item in the same way as you click and hold the left button on an external pointing device to drag an item around the screen. Turning all ClickPad gestures off and on. This document pertains to HP notebooks using Windows Adjust single finger scrolling Use the following steps to adjust your TouchPad or ClickPad for single finger scrolling.

Acting in ways you wish it wouldn’t.

HP Notebook PCs – Using the TouchPad or ClickPad (Windows 10) | HP® Customer Support

Open the properties page. Windows Mac iPhone Android. You might also want to go ahead and create a System Restore point, so that you can easily revert to your old drivers if you need to. Click to highlight Rotating. Unfortunately, PC manufacturers can opt out of using Precision Touchpads. The Virtual Agent is currently unavailable. On Razer Blade laptops, the touchpad appears to stop functioning after the PC goes into standby, too.

Lift your fingers to stop scrolling. If the checkbox next to Tapping does not contain a check mark, click the checkbox until a check mark displays to enable tapping.


Gestires first is the nuclear option where it just stops working, which is uncommon but can happen after a software update.

Use the following the steps to enable Three-Finger Flick. Click the Settings icon to choose Four-Finger Flick options.

The edge is defined by the cross-hatched area. Here’s how to fix them Get tips to revive a dead touchpad or settle down one that’s acting skittish on a Windows 10 laptop. Three-Finger Flick is used to browse the Internet or scroll through photos.

Either a USB or Bluetooth mouse will work—just be sure you have something to use in case your touchpad stops working. At CESan HP representative told us that HP was looking at making it possible for users to choose between treating the touchpad as a Precision Touchpad and using the manufacturer-provided drivers. Pointer Options – to select settings such as pointer or cursor speed, trails and other settings.