We also learn from the datasheet that the nominal forward current is mA, therefore the total power of the LED is 2. So let us rewrite the formula as:. It is built on top of “new” LiquidCrystal library i2c, 4 wires, 8 wires and other interfaces are supported and is able to support different LCD sizes 16×2, 20×4, Choose inch or centimeters and change address. Project is hosted at Google Code Modbusino is a thin library to response to Modbus requests from your Arduino slave. The number of steps for each interpolation is defined here.

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Send commands to the display via SPI. Library to make fading leds a piece of cake. Hence, minimizing the number of computations will maximize the amount of time actually spent on PWM.

Tutorial on replacing a CdS photocell with an LED using only a single pin – either a digital pin or optionally an analog pin for faster response times in low-light conditions. For each interpolated value, we run some PWM cycles to display that color.

There are useful discussions on the use of them in the SparkFun pages, and in the forum.

Active high or low buttons, software debounced. One data line from Arduino. Works in background, and it is no fast depending from polling Arduno frequence, sec. Knight Rider extensions – an extension to the learning loops example. Serial interface with support shield for Arduino.


RW38i 38mm x 13mm Traction Wheel assembly – internal set screw 38mm ciolon-high x 13mm wide silicone rubber wheels on narrower, internal set-screw hub.

Interfacing with Hardware

This library makes it easy to read the raw accelerometer and magnetometer data, and it contains a function that performs the non-trivial math to compute the tilt-compensated heading using the Earth’s magnetic field.

Can be used for arrays of “dots” and for driving 7 segment displays. Make local interface on your project and control it the same on remote interfaces on PC, phones or internet.

SoftTimer is a time rfb solution, what has a built in asynchronous software debounder. A library is available xoolon-high http: The parts on this schematic are available for a few dollars. One note of interest is the PINA port, which is generally used to read rbg.

What the light sensor is seeing reported on the page the Arduino serves.

Build an Arduino shield to drive high-power RGB LED

It has been programmed to use like coolpn-high numeric thermostat scheduler. Short and “long” clicks, multiple clicks like double click, triple click etc.

The aluminum circuit board does pull the heat away from the LED to make it usable, but it is a good idea to use additional heat-sinking to keep it happy in the long term.

These are coolon-hith types of LEDs we will focus on today. The systems allows you to create original 8-bit video and sounds programmed and controlled via the Arduino board. High-level commands offer GUI, graphics and even a picture frame!


Give them a shot on your robot, we’ve never seen robot eyes that bright before! You Might Also Like [ Hide ].

Side Note for Windows 8 When using avr-gcc on Windows 8 you may see an error like the following: SevenSegmentLibrary Allows you to use an Arduino as a 4-digit seven segment display controller. It can blink LEDs in a configured pattern, while not blocking other processes.

A simple tutorial on Serial communication HyperGraph is a replacement for HyperTerminalwith an extra possibility to make graphs, save to file and so on. This is where the magic of the compiler comes in: It allows your web server files to be stored on a microSD card, giving your Arduino more memory for your program.

Read the state of 16 or more digital pins using only 4 Arduino digital pins. The second function pwmjust executes pwmCycle several times, effectively holding coolon-hig LEDs at the current brightness for a short interval.

The accompanying VB application can also be used as a general purpose terminal utility to talk to other serial devices.