The memory chip runs you 50 bucks. Don’t see what you’re looking for? I wouldn’t stomp on one with my foot, nor get one in water, but they are encased in plastic. Would you use this site again?: In the case of hard drive Mp3 players

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The controls are fairly basic. Charged the player’s battery Connected the power cable Turned off your player Disconnected your player’s USB cable from your computer To install the firmware update, you must first remove the firmware in your player using the Reload Rhombw function: Performance is solid, but the Rhomba lacks the flair that basically all of the Nomads now have. To check your MuVo Media Explorer version number: Need more information about this product?

To extract audio data, you will need a Creativ drive that can extract digital audio data, and a program known as a ripper.


A “rebuilding the library” message appears on your player’s LCD. The Rhomba is cheaply made. Concerning big ZHK the screen with blue highlighting provides evident and fast access to all functions.


The principle of its operation consists in measurement of levels of power of an input signal at regular intervals with rather big frequency. Enabling LED may reduce the battery play time. Appearance of digital audioplayer Creative Rhomba NX. When you reach the end of a track, your player stops five seconds after the track. I’m really enjoying it!

Creative Rhomba NX 256MB, MP3/ WMA player, FM tuner, velk√Ĺ LCD display, USB

I wouldn’t stomp on one with my foot, nor get one in water, but they are encased in plastic. Samsung 4KSmart. Shredders Oils and Bags. A-1 Battery playback time Electric Shavers for Menfor Women. Works well with different bitrate mp3s also. A fragment of the printed circuit card of audioplayer Creative Rhombs NX. Ask a question now. You can listen to your recording in real-time as it is being recorded. Smart Appliances Coffee machines. Just me copying files over to it, and the battery ran out of juice.

As to possibilities and the architecture of products of other manufacturers it is a subject already other articles. Controller USB of 2. You can see why I feel the way I do about the Rhomba. Enjoy your favorite high quality, skip free MP3 and WMA tracks, listen to and record your favorite FM radio stations or use it as a voice recorder –he Rhomba does it all.


Page 31 To change the FM frequency 1. Creative has NO firmware upgrade for this model since it is so new, and support cannot help.

The gauged values of the analogue-digital converter will be ghomba to by a multidigit binary, digital code. Here it is possible to see basic elements of the architecture of audioplayer Creative Rhomba NX.

Warranty & Support

Repeating Tracks Repeating tracks 1. Considering evolution of solid-state technologies, it is necessary to mark, that miniaturization processes have mentioned not only the big and small computers.

Creative Zen Touch Nd Upgrade version 1.

Do yourself a favor, avoid the Rhomba at all costs.