The media identifies at ritekg05 for those interested. Comments posted by Chinku from United States, December 30, Page of 28 Go. How to apply color correction using the Gradie Modify servo write performance.

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I upgraded the firmware, and also the Nero software that came with it, but it will crash my whole system when writing a DVD.

I have tried attaching the zip directly on here, but it is apparently too large. The package contains a dos and a windows flasher.

Yes you are correct. I reburned at 4x and the results do seem better.

CyberHome DVR 1200MU Operation Manual

So far its not needed. Maximum PI errors Maximum: I think I will try to return it. Audio Output Audio Output This unit features a variety of audio line outputs for connection to a receiver or other audio equipment.

BTW, this was using firmware f. I will contact Cyberdrive tech support and see if I can get that new firmware. They have not given dx1662d anything else yet, I will see if they can give me an updated media compatability list and change log.


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It might be my system is too old to be burning at 8x. Press the ZOOM key repeatedly to choose a magnification level. Just a disc info tab. The tray will come out.

Maybe it was because I was doing nothing while I let it go. Use 4-digit year format. Wouldn’t recommend the DXD unless you want a really cheap drive and are willing to accept the fact that it won’t accept most recordable media.

CyberHome DX162D-A Free Driver Download

I have wasted 8 out of 10 disc. Si su equipo dispone de dos discos duros y dos unidades. Here is a firmware cyberjome list. Folks this burner is a real value! It’s got a short form factor, so it’s perfect for an SFF rig. Insert the disc, being careful not to touch the playing surface.

With the RPC1 version at http: Disc Info Basic Information Disc type: Maybe you check if the flasher allows to downgrade, first.


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It comes bundles with Nero 6. Comments posted by Mikey from United States, January 25, Audio Output This unit features a variety of audio line outputs for connection to a receiver or other audio equipment.

Don’t have an account? Specifications Specifications are subject to change without notice. Hard to xx162d all the complaints I’m reading. While all efforts have been made to ensure accuracy, CyberHome Entertainment will not be held liable for any inaccuracies or errors in the information contained herein. M01 comments, 0 good0 mixed1 poor. What is changed from f does anyone know?