To change the path to your license file, first remove the existing FLEXnet service using the installs -r command, reinstall FLEXnet using the new location, and then reboot your system. When using Cosmic Software development tools with a FLEXid hardware dongle you need to install system device drivers in order for the software and hardware to work together properly. You must be superuser root in order to install these components. Download the installer from the table below. Read the FLEXid off of your hardware key.

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Locate the file, aksusbd-redhat If it does not appear then reboot the computer and eun lmreg again. Use this number for your software license. Please contact your local Cosmic support office should you have any questions or problems.

Tell Us What You Think. Linux Platforms Locate the instructions below specific to your Linux platform. To install Dongle device drivers for the first time on a Windows PC. To remove the license manager from the service list and cancel the automatic FLEXnet startup: The dongle device drivers are generally supplied on Cosmic product CDs located in the “utilities” folder.

While starting FLEXnet manually is a good way to verify that FLEXnet starts correctly, it is generally not recommend for a server, because it requires a dedicated MS-DOS Command Prompt to be open at all times and it requires re-starting after rebooting the license server. Be sure to use the following information to update all existing license servers with the latest version of the FLEXnet software e. Do you have a suggestion for a product feature, want something added, or to share your thoughts about the Knowledge Center?


Ideally you should configure FLEXnet to start up automatically each time your system is booted by installing the license manager as a Control Panel service. If your licenses will be served by a central server, have your system administrator install the license.

Locate the file, aksusbd-suse Using older versions may cause license-encryption errors, invalid hostid results, and unsupported feature errors. Read the FLEXid off of your hardware key.

Submit and Review Support Requests. The following table lists those operating systems for which FLEXid dongle support exists fpexid with a link to the appropriate installer.

Installing Floating Licenses on a PC Server

Contact an Expert Contact us for business-related or technical support issues. The MAC Address is the default choice. This may require the use of a floating license. Place a copy of the license. As super-user, use the package manager utility, rpm, to install the driver: This file is typically located in c: You may enter a port address outside the range of toas long as the address is not used elsewhere.


Download all installers appropriate to your implementation. You can also specify a specific TCP port number for license requests as follows: To change the path to your license file, first remove the existing FLEXnet service using the installs -r command, reinstall FLEXnet using the new location, and then reboot your system.

Obtaining License IDs for License Registration

If you have a three-server redundant configuration, you must start FLEXnet on fleixd three servers before the licenses will be available on the network. Your dongle serial number should appear in the display if the drivers and dongle are working properly.

Hostid registration is not required when using FLEXid dongles or floating licenses. Type the following command specifying the full path and location of the license file. See below flxeid more information. You MUST be logged on as a computer administrator in order to install drivers.