You need to convert the TABs to spaces – TABs just cannot be relied upon to format the same way on different applications! It really makes your post much harder to read! I tried a lot , but i am not able to find out what is the exact problem, I have pasted code below. You don’t have JavaScript enabled. Do you really think that the source code as shown is legible?!

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EZ-USB FX2LP IN/OUT (Read/Write) problem

This content has been marked as final. After successfully mounting the driver to the device, one can use CyConsole or Control Centre to program the device. By continuing to use our site, you consent to our cookies. Plugging EZ-USB devices into a Linux system runs device-specific scripts, which can download the appropriate firmware hexfile.

Remove from profile Feature on your profile. The FX2 doesn’t support quite as many endpoints six plus controlbut it does handle multibuffered high speed transfers in hardware.

Martin Diehl has provided EZ-USB firmware implementing simple device protocols that are very useful when used with usbtest software from Linux-USB hosts, to help verify correct operation of the host and isolate bugs. Please take your own advice, f2lp refrain from stuff like ‘u’ instead of “you”, ‘n’ instead of “and”, ‘r’ instead of “are”, etc, etc CyConsole might not recognise the device even after mounting the driver.


A number of them need to download firmware before they are usable. You have clearly typed that manually – I specifically said do not type it manually! F2xlp software is still usable on 2.

The document detailing all the required steps with snapshots for the above points have been attached. The Linux system will typically be much more powerful, since it has at least a bit processor and richer software environment.

If you want someone to write code for you, see: Email Address Required, will not be published. You don’t have JavaScript enabled.

EZ-USB FX2 drivers for windows 7 | Cypress Developer Community

At least now concentrate on English” Please take your own advice, and refrain from stuff like ‘u’ instead of “you”, ‘n’ instead of “and”, ‘r’ instead of “are”, etc, etc It looks like you’ve used TABs to lay-out your code? This site uses cookies to 6 information on your computer. Someone could usefully write a Free Software version. A company called AnchorChips now owned by Cypress came out with an innovative and useful product a while ago: This web page is designed as a community resource, with cross links to related projects as well as hosting some Linux-focused efforts directly.


English Andy Neil “2. Firmware source is available. Plus, it’s easier to distribute updated firmware if you don’t need to upgrade a kernel driver to do that. Try to learn Basics. It really makes your post much harder to read! Rahib K startup is give me bjt but i fix it still gives error L57 but i fix it also does the connect to port? Any decent editor even uVision can be set to insert spaces instead of TABs.

At least now concentrate on English 3. Illegible source code – don’t use TABs! Device firmware just processes interrupts, fills buffers, and tells the hardware to do its thing. Please refer to it for better details. Re -join School from 1st Standard onwards.

This happens because it is an unsigned driver and to avoid this error the driver signature enforcement has to be disabled while booting the system. Please review our Privacy Policy to learn more about our collection, use and transfers of your data.