The mouse and keyboard was unavailable. Did this solve your problem? I don’t get this part? I also tried rollback drive for USB Controllers. I have the same question

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If you are logged on as a standard user, the button will be dimmed, which means it’s unavailable. I have always disliked the idea because of the expenses. This helped to solve the same problem on nearly notebooks by simply exchanging the syssetup.

Windows Requires Administrator Rights to Install USB Flash Drives

Removing device sub-tree completed. USB flash drives are now the dominant hardware storage devices if you want to quickly transfer data from one local computer to another. Hi Lex i am having this issue too and with brand new Flash Drives unfortunately all of the solutions just cause worse problems i am starting to seriously consider going back to windows 7 due to all the problems and Microsoft’s seemingly inability to fix basic functions of the operating system and what appears to be a wide spread problem.

Shtiklla 11 years ago. Page 1 of 2. Lex Bor Replied on November 20, The system cannot find the file specified. It works perfectly fine until recently when I wanted to use my old external HDD: It modifies the driver to grant access for ordinary users to insert new flash drives into the computer. Hello April now can you do this please Now before we can help we do need to know what is in your machine so please do this System Info – See Your System Specs or either enter the specs of your system in your forum profile the specs will appear when we click on that little box bottom left of the post screen it is for me the preferable option as it is easy.


It says consul with device manufacturer but i do not know the device. Tell inwtall about your experience with our site. Driver package does not contain a catalog file, and Code Integrity is enforced.

Driver issue USB Mass Storage Device Solved – Windows 7 Help Forums

Any updates on my problem? The compatible IDs generated by the USB storage port driver are illustrated by the following examples:.

I am share my findings based on Microsoft Windows 7 only. I’ve followed all the instructions and managed to find the 3 drivers An ongoing discussion about this tool is found here. Hi Lex, Thank you for posting your query in Microsoft Community. Not sure when the work properly. Product feedback Sign in to knstall documentation feedback.

In reply to Lex Bor’s post on November 8, If the usbstor.sgs doesn’t work, then try opening computer management just type it into your search box and look under storage. It fixes with a reboot for a short time then i get message something like and unknown device has been disabled If this issue prevails i.


Could you please help me?

Thank you kindly for your support! For ease of use we have created a simple batch file to run the commands from the steps above.

What is the file?

Also note that this folder is Catroot and not Catroot2, which is the folder was renamed earlier. Can i just restart my pc??.

Error installing file 0x!!! In reply to Instal C K’s post on November 7, I do have a problem with Mass storage device usb driver and precisely with an iPod Classic 80Go. Did sfc scannow and disk check. Anyway i fixed it.