By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I’m wondering if anyone else is having or has had a similar issue. TabbedOut , Aug 19, The way I see it, you have no problem. Which is why some laptops are able to do form factors with components that are normally not supposed to reach that size.

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It had pins. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It is designed to be paired with a second support chip known as a northbridge.

The single best reason for SSD is the access time. Do you already have an account? Customers were not willing to pay the high prices for RDRAM and either bought i or iBX motherboards or changed to the competition. Your sequential speed shouldn’t matter. It supports various interfaces to “low-speed” peripherals, and it supports a suite of housekeeping functions.

I’m wondering if anyone else is having or has had a similar issue. Share This Page Tweet. Some manufacturers go beyond what the original specs say to reach the battery life they want.


This replaces the traditional two chip setup. In practice, most baseboard manufacturers still offered PATA appropriate connection types using additional chips from manufacturers such as JMicron or Marvell.

Inand in conjunction with the i and i northbridges, the ICH5 was created.

I/O Controller Hub

System Information Kit Installed: 82801gbm chip had pins. This allows the use of flash memory on a motherboard for fast caching. I’m trying to post a screen shot from baredit, but at this point I’m still trying to figure out where to start with that program my screen does not look like the Lenovo screen, but that’s not unexpected. The most important innovation was the support of USB 2.

IntelĀ® I/O Controller Hub 8 (ICH8) Family Specification Update

I am on the iich8m-do in 35 seconds from a cold boot. Possibly it was reaching max 88201hbm when you copied the drive, because that is all it had going on. Your name or email address: I was having a hell of a time figuring out how to use baredit, and since there isn’t a tutorial I could find I’m worried that I’m going to screw something up.


As CPU speeds increased data transmission between the CPU and support chipset, the support chipset eventually emerged as a bottleneck between the processor and the motherboard. The chips had pins.

IntelĀ® I/O Controller Hub 8 (ICH8) Family Specification Update

Is this even worth worrying about? In practice, many motherboard manufacturers continue providing PATA support using third-party chips. The ICH4 was Intel’s southbridge for the year TabbedOutAug 19, Another design decision was to substitute the ich8j-do North-South axis on the motherboard with a star structure.

Accordingly, starting with the Intel 5 Seriesa new architecture was used where some functions of the north and south bridge chips were moved to the CPU, and others were consolidated into a Platform Controller Hub PCH.

Yes, my 82801hhbm is: